Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide

Ascension is very important and must be required when you reach certain cookie numbers. Whenever you play a cookie-clicker game, you have to ascend the screen to reach the new screen or game. It is equal to starting a new game or it will reset all your progress.

Cookie clicker ascension depends on the number of cookies you baked. You cannot ascent the screen at any time. It requires baking 1 trillion cookies to get your first ascension. So it’s not a matter of hours, it will take days or even weeks if you are not too active.

Ascension in Simple Words

Ascension is a mechanism for taking a prestige cookie clicker. In this mechanism, you may lose your progress but you will get a lot of advantages and bonuses. It’s an exchange of bonuses and sacrifice of your baked cookies. Cookie clicker ascend is a win-win situation in which you give something and take something special from it.

When you go for a cookie clicker ascension you will lose the following things

  • Upgrades
  • Buildings
  • Cookies

Cookie clicker ascension upgrades are not mandatory and you can choose them whenever you want. But preferably you should choose the updates after reaching a certain level of cookies. It will take a little long time to ascend for the first time compared with the other frequent ascensions.

If you get the cookie clicker to ascend option unlock, it does mean that you should go for ascension right now. Wait for the right time and go for ascension according to your cookie-clicker game plan.

If you have a question in mind regarding how many times can you Ascend cookie clicker? Then don’t worry. There is no limitation to this. Whenever you have cookies for ascension you can go for it.

Cookie Clicker When to Ascend

Why Ascension is required?

Ascension is required to get heavenly chips and prestige bonuses. Each cookie clicker prestige level adds almost 1% to the production of cookies. The simple formula is that if one has 50 prestige levels then it’s a 50% bonus.

You can consider heavenly chips as currency to purchase cookie-clicker legacy upgrades. There are many heavenly upgrades cookie clicker which normally requires millions of chips to buy.

Some of the famous cookie-clicker ascension guides suggest doing your first ascension at 400 levels. This initial ascension will give you a boost and give you heavenly chip upgrades.

In my recommendation, you should ascend at every 200 levels without any ambiguity. Because if you wait for 1000 levels then you can get some important heavenly upgrades.

Heavenly chips are the main item required to purchase heavenly upgrades. In exchange for heavenly chips, you get heavenly upgrades. These heavenly upgrades are vital for gaining high scores which provide a boost in your CPS scores with the result being a high increase in golden cookies.

Permanent Upgrade Slot Strategy

A permanent upgrade slot is one of the heavenly upgrades which is considered the most important. In this strategy, you will unlock the next step with upgrades and it’s all for free. The expense of the upgrade does matter a lot, once you get the upgrade you can add it to the permanent upgrade slot.

For which Category you should use a permanent Upgrade Slot?

You should use the permanent upgrade slot of the Golden Cookie upgrades. In the later game, the main game is based on golden cookies. Missing the golden cookies can affect your scores and slow down your gaming scores badly. For this reason, you should always focus on the golden switch cookie clicker for the permanent upgrade slot.

For which Category you should use a permanent Upgrade Slot?

You adopt strategies to gain more power and enjoy the nature of the game. The same is the case with the Cookie clicker ascension guide. Follow these steps to make progress with the ascension

  • Look at the list of updates you require. You can find them in video guides and on other platforms.
  • Now go deep into each update and collect the information that cookie clicker heavenly chip upgrades provide. You can collect this information from YouTube.
  • Now note the investment of every upgrade in heavenly chips upgrades
  • Only prefer those updates that you think can boost your CPS. These will help you to reach the ascension level more quickly and precisely.
  • Suppose that you need 150 heavenly chips to get 5 upgrades then you have to wait for 150 levels.

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