First Click Testing

A study on usability conducted by Bob Bailey and Cari Wolfson from 2006 to 2009 revealed that there was a strong and significant relationship between the “user’s success in making the first click and their eventual success with the entire task”. This means that when a user fails in the first click the entire task fails.

Therefore, if the users are unable to navigate through your website easily, they will switch to your own decision-making is the important step in every task whether it’s a lifetime decision or for a while. A wrong decision can take you to extinction or a right decision can boost up your aims. 

First click testing has the same scenario. It is examining what the participant or the user clicks first when the screen or interface of your website, software, or any other site comes in front of him or her. It reflects the decision-making power or the interests of the user or participant. Different click testers are involved in the test which traces your first click and shows it to the concerned person.

Why is First Click Testing Important?

The users or the participants are given a specific task to perform in the first-click testing and then they are presented with a picture of the interface, on which they have to click to carry out the task. The time taken to click and the position of the click is recorded. Detail of the process is provided for a better understanding of the proctor’s continuous improvement of your site and software,

you always need feedback from your clients or users and for this purpose first, click testing holds an important role. It helps you in screening what your user clicks at first or what are his/her interests. It also helps you in navigating new trends and perceptions of the users. Everything has negative and positive aspects, first, click testing pros and cons also exist and you have to cope with them for the betterment of your site.

Studies and investigations revealed that on average 87% of people mostly succeed when going from the right first click and 46% have to face failure when they choose to click the wrong first click. These are some first-click testing advantages and disadvantages because this test shows you everything.

Why is First Click Testing Important?

How does First Click Testing work?

This is the first and foremost step in creating a first-click test. The user has presented The working of a first click test as very simple. It’s a simple procedure including first-click testing examples. Keep reading to know the exact procedure for a first-click speed test.

Create a scenario in mind

Make a scenario on your website in which the user indulges rather than just focusing on the first click. When he indulges in the scenario he/she makes a right first click by reading and understanding the purpose of the one-click test.

Identify the right path

After understanding the scenario decide on the right path. Initiating from the homepage proceed with proper understanding and knowledge for the solution of the said task.

User clicks tracking

Track where the user clicks from first to last. There is different software used for this purpose but one can also calculate it manually. However, software usage is preferred for accuracy and precision. The most commonly used software is Chalkmark and MUIQ. You can track the first click or number of clicks by using this software.

User clicks tracking

Time game

Time evaluation for the first click is very important because user attitude and perfection of the task depend on time. As the user is normally paid for the task he/ she is concerned about it and takes time for decisions and you are monitoring all this online. But the problem arises when it takes too long time for the clicks and the variability in results is also too much. Variability increases with the increase in time during the first mouse click test.

What was the difficulty?

After each step of tea tsk it’s important to ask about the difficulty and hardiness they suffer during the task or how easily they find the right path during the first click testing. Define a scale of evaluation and then ask for feedback about the ease of attempting the task. If the scoring is extremely bad then ask them for a detailed review of the issue. This will help a lot with improvement factors.

So this whole assessment can be done manually without any prior recording but according to the experts, recording should be made using software and tools. This will help a lot in managing the task and for further improvements.

Tips to Follow

Before starting the first click testing follow these suggestions or tips for betterment

  1. Before starting the task it is suggested to run the project on a pilot basis to assess the level of difficulty and other non-conformances. Get in touch with the users and ask them about any hardship they are facing and resolve the issue before starting the final one.
  2. Start every task from the home page or home screen this will help reduce the problems and difficulties which users faced in the previous task.

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