Mechanical Keyboard Typing Test

The keyboard is the main item in any computer, laptop, or tablet. It has a vital role in all circumstances. Without a keyboard, typing is not possible. Gamers or office pc users required a keyboard for typing and they need to mechanical keyboard typing test to check their typing speed.

For new typing works in offices and for achieving high scores in gaming all you need to be a good typist. There are a lot of keyboards available in the market and you should be aware of the key placement to perform extraordinarily with the keyboard. Your type test will tell you the actual story of your typing speed and typing skills.

Type timing varies from person to person and from keyboard to keyboard. There are many test options available on google where you can check your speed with your type test. Mechanical keyboard typing tests can be performed on any portal without any restriction but use the keyboard for the test instead of the touchpad.

In this article, I will tell you about the mechanical keyboard typing test and some techniques and tricks to improve your typing test results. We have gathered all the techniques and data after a good research and we are also using some of the tricks personally for improved typing test typing power and speed write.

How to Get Excellent Results in Typing Test

In the mechanical keyboard typing test, there is the hard and fast rules and tricks to boost your typing power. Type timing all depends on your practice and focus. The more you focus on the keyboard the better will be the wam test.

Keyboard assessment is too vital before conducting a typing test. Because if you are well aware of the placement of the keys then you can type without looking at the keyboard and as a result your type score boosts.

One thing to focus on while buying a keyboard is always choosing a keyboard with soft keys which can easily reinstate. Secondly to succeed in the mechanical keyboard typing test prefer a keyboard with appropriate spacing between the keys.

Important Parts of Mechanical Keyboard

There are some important parts of the keyboard that everyone should know to

a) Power Cable

  • PS2
  • USB

Wireless keyboards are also available for typewriters. These mechanical wireless keyboards are helpful for traveling and other means. Therefore more likely preferred for the wam test.

b) wam test

These are the covers placed on the keyboard buttons.  These keycaps are in direct contact with the user’s fingers while you type the test. These should be soft enough to enhance typing experience and stiff enough to bear a few hard strokes during smart typing.

Keycaps play a vital role in user experience building and positive typing test results. Some of the keycaps have a rough surface and which results in a bad user experience.

c) Stabilizers

These stabilizers have the main role in keyboard functioning because when you type they revert the keycaps towards you during speed write.

Best Websites for Mechanical Keyboard Typing Test

With our routine usage and research, we have gathered some best websites for typing tests. These are as follows

Best Websites for Mechanical Keyboard Typing Test

    1) Typings. gg

    It is a good site for typing tests using a mechanical keyboard. The website has a user-friendly interface with multiple theme options. Typings. gg is lacking various tremendous features which other sites are offering. But despite this, it’s a good website for speed typing online.

    It not only shows you the typing scores but also shows the accuracy and wpm after completion of your type test. Once the test is complete, you can again take the test by resetting it. This is all about typings. gg. Just enter the name on google and you will be on the website, where you can start practicing or can do typing warm-ups.

    2) Keybr

    For touch typing keyboard is the best website, I ever had used. It’s a good site for practicing and increasing your speed in the WPS test. In the mechanical keyboard typing test, the keyboard helps a lot in using the keyboard without seeing it. Because the proper keyboard model is displayed on the screen with all the keys. This site overall helps you to get familiar with the keys and hence improves the scores.

    Set the period and start the typing speed test, after the test is finished, Keybr shows you the wpm with all the errors and total scores in the frog typing. It’s not for a single user, you can take this test with multi players on board.

    If you are not satisfied with the keyboard layout then you can change it accordingly. The more you spend time on this website, the more you will be familiar with the functions of typing lines.

    3) Monkeytype

    This site is heaven for all the people who love mechanical keyboard typing tests. It’s different as compared to the other speed test websites. In other screen typing tests, you type test in the text typing space after seeing the text but in Monkey test type the word and type it at the same place. This new concept gains much popularity and instant hit.

    With the option of 40 different languages, this website is opening new doors for typing tests with new features and modes. Your typing test on monkey type contains numbers, words, time, punctuation, and quotes.

    There are multiple options available, by using custom mode you can set things accordingly. If we talk about test timing then the default time options are 15, 30, 60, and 120 seconds but there is an option to increase or decrease the test timing according to your requirements.


    Used this website for a mechanical keyboard typing test several times with different time settings. Its interface is very attractive and easy to use. There are different time options such as 10, 20, 30 seconds, 1 & 5 minutes and you can extend the time as much as you want for power typing.

    After completing the test writer can get the scores along with the correct and incorrect typed words. Gross wpm will also be shown on the screen after test completion. If you like simple things and searching for the simplest site for screen typing then is the best option. Here you can perform the test simply, you have to create an account and start typing.


    5) Type Racer

    It’s a very unique website for testing your typing speed along with your friends on the screen. The theme of the website is a game type, showing a racer game as the name represents. With the typed words speed the cars move on the screen and you can enjoy both things on one screen. You can enjoy it as a gamer and also as a typist with your fingertips typing.

    Type Racer introduces a different universe to keep the scenario interesting. And this includes comic books, superhero movies, pop music, and many more. For gradual growth and score recording, you can create an account before proceeding with the test or can take a screenshot as a speed racer png.


    Mechanical keyboard typing test requires the best keyboard with an excellent keyboard assessment. A keyboard with a reasonable size, nominal price, and soft keys is the only option for excellent typing test performance.

    Above we have discussed the types of keyboards available in the market with their features and specs. Now it’s up to you which one you choose for typing test. As far as the typing test platform is concerned, we have mentioned the best free websites which offer mechanical keyboard typing tests. From this type, Racer is my favorite one. You can choose according to your requirements.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Touch typing has many benefits compared with other typing. It is easy to proceed, with excellent typing speed and it saves you a lot of time. If we talk about the health benefits then it results in decreased fatigue and improves overall health.

    Practice is the key to gaining 100 wpm speed. Because normal typing speed is 40 words per minute and you can boost it to 60 to 70 with a lot of practice. But to achieve 100 wpm you need consistent efforts and hard practice.

    Up till now the fastest typer in the World is Barbara Blackburn but he is the fastest typer since 2005. So no one is there since 2016.

    Continuous practice for almost 2-3 months is enough to0 gain fast typing speed. You should practice for 20-30 minutes daily rather than for hours.

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