The 5 Core Elements of Aim Accuracy

Struggling for improving your win ratio and K/D ratio. Never know the actual cause of your lower win rate and K/D ratio. Don’t worry I am here to better guide you about the 5 core elements of aim accuracy. Before diving too deep into the elements of improving your aim it’s important to note that good aim is only one of several aspects when it comes to fps training or skills.

Gaming sense depends on several factors that collaboratively help you to make more success ratio and K/D ratio. One of the important factors is to aim better for fps. The more you rely on your aim the less you’ll need to have to be worried about your gaming success.

Despite struggling hard to gain success without any known direction always focus on your aiming gaming. To learn better, step back and try to practice your aim. While the idea of “Aim Practice” is widely known, knowing how to learn from one’s practice suggests a level of reflection and analysis of a player’s own game that many might not engage in.

We have researched well about “How to get better aim” and “How to get better at fps games”. PC aim training is much more important and the more important thing is practice aim. The basics of getting a better aim are given below

  1. Utilizing the Right Gadgets
  2. Sense and Sensitivity
  3. Tricks and Gaming Sense
  4. Physical Control and Positioning
  5. Practice makes a man perfect

Utilizing the Right Gadgets

The first and foremost step is to get the right gadget to aim better. The most important ones are the mouse and the mousepad. Fortunately, with the advancement in technology, the mouse is now available with accurate sensors and you can get a highly reasonable gadget for mouse aim practice with less burden on your pocket.

Utilizing the Right Gadgets
The first and foremost step is to get the right gadget to aim better.

The best-recommended mouse for aim practicing is the one that has excellent DPI capabilities with easy button placement and is lighter weight. I have interviewed many pro players and they all like to have a lightweight mouse to improve aim on PC. Different games require different button placement options.

For action games where shooting requires the most preferred mouse, it has one or two thumb buttons. Have better core abilities with lighter weights for aiming practice. When it comes to the selection of a mousepad, gamers always prefer to have a large-sized mousepad for better aim. A mousepad should be large enough that you can continue your game without lifting the mouse to reposition.

Sense and Sensitivity

The mouse sensitivity setting is an important element in aim accuracy. The more the suitable settings are, the more you can improve the aim. There is no automatic setting available for the mouse to get focused on FPS aiming. You have to try different mouse sensitivity settings and fix the one that suits you for the fps aim.

The sensitivity varies from mouse to mouse, some perform better on lower DPI while some can’t perform well on higher DPI settings. According to my experience with the mouse aim training, on higher DPI some mice perform worse. There’s always confusion about setting sensitivity and mouse driver settings for DPI.

For setting the best-suited DPI and sensitivity, Firstly set the DPI at which you thought you will feel comfortable e.g. between 400-800 dpi, and then test it on any CS: GO game. Once you feel the DPI and sensitivity are right for you lock it and then work one DPI (Effective Dots per Inch). Aiming accuracy becomes much harder if the mouse acceleration is on. Always disable it for better fps aim.

Tricks and Gaming Sense

Trick and gaming sense is an important thing to tackle the situation and to get control over the game. If you don’t know what’s going on and how then the aim practice program is useless.

Before you start popping your enemies’ heads and gunning them down you first need to know where they could appear from and just pre-aim there.

Aiming has two main types

Flick Shots

Flicking is a sudden movement, that a character makes instantly during the game. Flick shots mean flicking your crosshairs on the aim and then suddenly returning to the neutral position. Flick shots are mostly used in single-shot guns while aiming to improve.


As the name shows tracking refers to keeping an eye on your enemy all the time. Always adopting a preventive approach before going to the attacking mode makes you heavier than your enemy in the games to practice aim or in real life. A very useful technique for DPS characters that are using automatic weapons.

The 5 Core Elements of Aim Accuracy

The 5 Core Elements of Aim Accuracy

Crosshair Alignment or Placement

the common thing many pro players teach is how and where to place the crosshairs. Your crosshair should always be placed at the chest or head level of your enemy or from where they could appear for aim accuracy. This could help a lot in a game since in fps aim games even a difference of milliseconds could help you win a gunfight

One of the most straightforward explanations for excellent crosshair placement is to avoid having your crosshair float on your screen while walking across the aiming map. Every step you take in fps aim should be planned around the possibility of an enemy peeking around the corner being able to place your crosshair at the right height and width when holding an angle is a key skill to have. At the same time being competent to clear corners with the crosshair glued to the corner, is very essential for optimizing your chances of entry success.

Crosshair placement is something that cannot be learned instantly it will gradually enhance with aim fps training. There are still tons of ways to speed up the process simplest one of them all is to join an offensive server and a map of your liking just run around following corners with the curser, pre-firing angles – basically getting comfortable on the map knowing your angles, timings and so on.

Physical Control and Positioning

After setting the best hardware in the right positions for practice aiming, always focus on your body and physical positioning. According to gamers and other PC users, your working performance depends a lot on how you hold a gadget e.g. mouse, joystick, etc.

Your hand and finger position, palm grip, and relaxation have a great impact on the aim accuracy game. Always prefer the position in which you feel comfortable. Grip matters a lot, choose a mouse that fits bets in your hand and you never get tired of holding it during the aim game.

Physical Control and Positioning
After setting the best hardware in the right positions

Practice Makes a Man Perfect:

As we all have heard practice makes a man perfect it also applies to games. Once you have found your sensitivity and have learned all the things given above now is the best situation to work on your muscle memory. Some gaming modes like flick shots are dependent on your muscle memory. The harder and more frequently you click, the easier will be the aim game.

Once you can do the above things without thinking about them it means that they are in your muscle memory and you have mastered it how will you master it by practicing aim on pc and grinding?

Some games claim to improve your aim and help you learn how to flick consistently but playing those will only improve your reflexes rather than improving muscle memory. It better is to practice aiming accuracy in games that suit you best and provide you with muscle memory.

Frequently Asked Questions

You aim to become more stable by practicing a lot and using suitable gadgets like a lightweight mouse with a larger mousepad.

The important element is practice, adopting the aim practice program, and getting training. Always adopt a preventive approach and then go for an attack for aim accuracy. Your crosshair should be on a single spot during a firefight it will improve.

We have mentioned some important aim accuracy elements above. By reading them you will be able to get a suitable aim accuracy.

There are a few points that help you to be good at fps games

  • Understand your weakness
  • Improving game sense
  • Crosshead size customization
  • Practice
  • Suitable gadgets


You will start seeing a big difference in our gameplay just by applying the above-mentioned 5 core elements of aim accuracy in your game. To get even better you will need to play more games and try to suck in an experience like a sponge.

Follow the above tips and go for self-improvement, this will make your FPS gaming excellent.

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