The Best Clicker Games on PC in 2023

Click your mouse with these idle games that are incremental from Realm grinder to Cookie clicker. The clicker games mean the most indolent and overtone games. These have very interesting features that came along with most of the clicker games. The clicker games are inert and this quality might kill the expectations.

Because in these types of idle pc games you just keep on clicking the mouse you get a minor reward and repeat the reel until you became pro and profitable, just like a lab rat who keeps on running in the need of good food.  Most of the time your clicks become more efficient and your progress will go up just like a snowball effect, it gets bigger with every passing minute.

Best Clicker Games have widely changed the idea of complex and highly complicated game series into single clicks and automation. It’s new hence a great concept that makes gaming, an out-class experience.

With this article, you will get to know which of the best clicker games for PC in 2023 you should try. One of the great things about clicker games is that most of them are free of cost. So if you are looking for some free fun clicker games you should go through these games suggestions given below

The Best Clicker Games on PC in 2023

  1. Realm Grinder
  2. Hero wars
  3. Adventure capitalist
  4. Cookie Clicker
  5. Forager
  6. Time clicker
  7. Planters
  8. Clicker heroes

1) Realm Grinder

In this adventure’s clicker game, the player will play the role of leader of a small imaginary kingdom. You can bring out the income by just clicking on the realm of your side, you can spend them on building them again.

The blacksmith and Inn buildings can give rise to coins in the realm grinder online or even if you are offline. Realm grinder is allowed you to choose between good or bad for your land. It claims the best clicker games on PC with the generating coins it will give the upgrades for buildings.

You can get the best realm grinder guide 2023 for playing this adventurous game. You will be tangled in the rest of your game. Realm grinder makes sure to give you variety till the end and get you self-engaged.

Realm Grinder

2) Hero wars

Are you looking for a game that keeps you engaged for hours, and also gives variety? Then you should try Hero wars. No doubt that it is one of the best idle hero games in the market these days.

In this game title, you have to make a strong team of heroes and get them on the battlefield where they fight with other heroes and even with the other players in PVP mode. These tremendous things make it the best idle hero war game.

You might think it’s a puzzle game but once the battle started your heroes will take care of themselves. You just have to make a wise choice to unlock a team of heroes who are brave enough to get through to the end.

It’s an easy game but also a habit-forming hero clicker with cool math. It will become your favorite game for your daily playing routine.

Hero wars

3) Adventure capitalist

It is a game that one can relate to these days. Adventure idle allows you to become an entrepreneur finding ways to make huge revenue from the investment.

 On level 1 you’ll start with a lemonade stand with this you’ll make enough profit to sell pizzas manage hokey teams and even you can have your bank.

You can hire managers in this adventure capitalist endgame and can make a proper team for your growing business. It gets difficult when you have to focus on all your business at the same time. Your money will revolve around all of your ventures.

You will experience the snowball effect in Adventure Capitalist online game. This game has the true meaning of idle or clicker games because you are generating revenue even if you are not playing.

Adventure capitalist

It was one of the oldest idle clicker games we all know. They are the inventors of clicker games. In this game you have to earn cookies by clicking the bigger cookie on higher levels you can appoint grandma to cookie making. You can also plant a cookie seed for cookie growth. When you reach a certain cookie count you will get new cursor clicks which enhances your clicks efficiency.

Once you reach a higher level and earned enough cookies in the cookie clickers game you can reset the game for upgrades and play for heavenly chips and other essentials. When you have earned a larger amount of cookies you can exchange it with the cookie dragon. These are also for those who want to play cooking games or hotel management games.

It also offers some cyclic events to earn more cookies. It will boast your cookie collection. If you are a fan of idle games then this will be for you. Enjoy your cookie collection. This is one of the best clicker games on PC in 2023.

Cookie Clicker

5) Forager

Forager itself is not a complete clicker game. Firstly you have to set your base with your input and efforts.

After improving your base your system will get automated. It permits you to sit back and enjoy a forager idle game. Meanwhile, your machines beat out all the goods you usually need to fight for in the wild surroundings. If you want a little more action with a touch of clicker game, this will make you happy.

You’ll get clickers as rewards in forager steam. The only thing to ponder is that this game is not free you have to buy it.


6) Time clicker

Time clicker is a modern game of this era. It will allow you to destroy the currency-dropping cubes. This is the idle version of the first-person shooter. You spend your money buying new guns. These guns will cause massive destruction. You can even buy new and happening weapons for the demolition of the cubes.

The time clicker unblocked is divided into stages known as ‘arenas’, and in the end, you have to face a big boss. Getting through these bosses will ensure your progress and success but if you failed in one of the arenas they will send you back to the previous stage.

This time clicker game is addictive and gives turns and twists in the clicker games genre.

Time clicker

7) Plantera

Initially, it is pretty simple in plantera idle game you have to catch a butterfly in a net, this is how you earn your first coin. You have to earn enough coins to plant a carrot patch on the fields using plantera drops. As it is you have to get carrots and earn coins, these coins will help you to plant blueberry and apple trees. Real soon you will have your flashing garden. In this garden, you have your flavorful and yummy vegetables and fruits.

With the rise in your garden, you can hire helpers who automatically pluck the ripe fruits and vegetables. In plantera idle game you have to deal with the animals who want to ruin your fields. It is very ideal for kids because it will engage them in the longer run. It is also a cute game too. In my opinion, you can enlist this game in the best clicker games on PC in 2023.


8) Clicker Heroes

Want to kill monsters just with clicks? Clicker heroes are exactly what you want, it’s a cool math game clicker hero. You just kill the monsters in a stupor. You are the only warrior at the start and killing the monster will give you a point soon you become so powerful that you can ally with other heroes that automatically destroy the opponents. The falling monster will give you coins, and with these coins, you can upgrade the levels of your party members.

These heroes in clicker heroes online came up with different powers that you can buy with your collected coins, which will make them more and more powerful.

The fun part is watching your automated heroes causing huge damage. You can choose and unlock the abilities in cool math games clicker heroes that are given from time to time for massive destruction. You can collect RPGs as much as you can. It’s one of the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clicker games are games that you play by just clicking your mouse and you'll get the reward. Their themes are of different types but the intent is the same.

Clicker games are for everyone in every age group without any restrictions. Anyone can enjoy these games. They are addictive games e.g. games like cookie clicker.

Most of the best idle games are free of cost but some are paid. It’s all depends on your choice and interest.

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