World Record in Clicks Per Second

Time is moving so fast that people don’t remember any simple person. This fast-moving, the latest world only remembers those who do some extraordinary things. To become a benchmark you should do something special that will be remembered for years.

The same is the case in this scenario of clicks per second world record. You should try your best to set the highest score which makes you eligible for the Guinness world record clicks per second. There are many records set in the past using the clicks per second record test.

Importance of clicks per second record

CPS Click per Second is very important to test your scores of clicking in a second. It’s a very useful test and helps a lot in improving clicks for setting the most clicks per the second record. Clicking has the main role in gaming and other computer work.

For gamers clicking is as important as breathing. Now I hope you can better understand the importance of the CPS test. There are many games like Minecraft, Pubg, firing games, and many others, these all require good click skills. In other routine works clicking is much needed to do daily tasks on your PC and laptop.

Importance of clicks per second record

Most clicks per the second record

In the past, many gamers and routine users set clicking records and they are part of history now because you are all set to make clicks per the second record. Record-setting is not too easy and not too complicated, your focus and interest enable you to achieve the target.

If we see the clicks per second world record for 2019 there are different cps scores for different people according to the test time. With a CPS score of 14, the person Jordan Hum carries clicks per 5-second world record. It means that he holds a record of 70 clicks in 5 seconds. Now it’s your turn to break this record and set your own. If we focus on the clicks per second world record of 10 seconds then the scores are 121 clicks in 10 seconds by Ben Hughes.

These records are set at different times with click counter software. This software is available worldwide on different platforms. You can conduct these tests online using the software. Clicks per second world record video can be seen anywhere online because these pieces of evidence are available on YouTube or whatever online platform is in your access.

Clicking Techniques

There are four general techniques used for improved clicking and these are

  • Regular Clicking
  • Jitter Clicking
  • Butterfly Clicking
  • Drag Clicking

Regular Clicking

It’s normal clicking which we do in our routine working also known as slow or normal clicking. It requires no extraordinary speed or anything. You just click the mouse button at your normal speed without any hassle. Your cps during regular clicking will be between 4 to 6 clicks per second.

Jitter Clicking

How to jitter click? This question surely comes to your mind with the name jitter. Don’t worry we will tell you about jitter clicking. It’s a little bit complex technique in which you keep your arm intact and keep the muscles firm. In this technique, you hold a jitter-click mouse and click the button as fast as you can with tightened muscles and a firm arm.

Jitter Clicking

Medically jitter clicking is not recommended for more than 30-35 seconds as it can cause serious damage to your arm muscles and bones. You may have to bear severe pain in your muscles.

Butterfly Clicking

It’s a faster technique than jitter but also more complex than jitter. It requires more knowledge and practice to perform it. By adopting this technique your CPS will be between 15-25.

Drag Clicking

It’s the fastest technique until now for the cps clicker test and requires more power and sharpness to perform. A person can achieve a CPS from 25 to 100 depending on his skills. In this technique, you drag your finger on the mouse button from top to bottom and then from bottom to top and this will increase the number of clicks.

By using these techniques you can easily set a world record but always focus on the precautions recommended before using these techniques because everything has some dark sides too.

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