Click Test Kohi is a method to check the per second clicks ratio. It is quite similar to the other click test programs but the only difference is of kohi. If you didn’t know what kohi is and what’s its link with the click test don’t worry we will tell you. It is the primary program of tools that you can easily use on multiple platforms.

Kohi is a Minecraft gaming server. The hardcore faction’s game modes are the reason why Kohi is well known among gamers. MCPVP is a parent company, MineHQ is derived from it and Kohi is a spinoff of MineHQ. MCPVP is now under the ownership of Brawl but the original creator of MCPVP was Hclewk, who is the owner of MCRPG.com.

100 programs are used to check the clicking power in a limited time frame. But most of the users use Minecraft for click test. It shows how many clicks you can do in a second or a minute using mouse or spacebar click test kohi. There are several kohi click tests e.g. kohi click test 1 second, kohi click test 100 seconds or kohi click test 1 minute. For enhancing clicking speed there are several techniques like kohi click test jitter or kohi click test butterfly clicking which are known as kohi click test cheat. For developing kohi click test world record there are several click test kohi unblocked.


Right-click speed test CPS (Clicks per Second) is conducted to check your clicking speed on the right button of the mouse. This test can be conducted on different platforms like right-click cps test mac, right-click cps test Dexter, windows, and android. The right-click cps tests can be initiated with different time sets from right-click cps test 1 second to several minutes.

Minecraft right-click cps test is a very healthy activity for the gamers to check their speed with the ultimate gaming experience. Right-click CPS test can be run on Minecraft 1.7 and 1.8 versions. Minecraft has a simple mechanism in which you have to click boxes with your mouse using right or left click as per your practice or settings. After the game ends according to the set time limit your scores are calculated which indicated your CPS.

Right-click cps test download can be proceeded from different platforms but ensure that the platforms are authenticated ones. Most often right-click has low cps scores because normally we use the left button for all working. Right-click is used only for few functions.


CPS test helps in the detection of your clicking speed per second. CPS checker calculates your number of clicks in the given time slot and creates your test scores. CPS checker for Minecraft is a practice game or you can say a time pass game where you create a score by clicking and then beat your scores. It not only helps in time pass but also enhance your clicking power and skills.

There are different time slots in which this cps checker works. From cps checker 1 second it can conduct the test to cps checker 10 seconds or so on. You can have a CPS checker for Minecraft download or can also use a cps checker online and you can run every type of test here like cps checker right click or cps checker spacebar.

There are different versions of cps checkers available and you can easily find cps checkers unblocked online or in downloaded form. The software calculates the scores simply by dividing the number of clicks by the seconds you took for clicking.


JJitter click is a specialized technique used by gamers to enhance their click skill level. The jitter technique can be adopted during kohi click test and it’s a difficult one if compared with the butterfly click test. The basic aim of the jitter click test kohi is to boost your per-second clicks during gaming.
Jitter Click Test spacebar many times check to their fast speed.

Jitter click test unblocked is a technique dependent on your arm and wrist muscles. These muscles move and do extraordinary work to improve the movement of a finger. In this technique, you didn’t hold the mouse tightly but you must have strain arm muscle. This technique is beneficial for quick clicking but it has some medical side effects. It can cause muscular problems leading to serve health issues. You may develop arthritis or carpal tunneling.

You can practice cps test with this technique on different platforms, where you can do the jitter click test for 10 seconds, jitter click test spacebar, and drag click test. Jitter click challenge can enhance your clicking power dramatically when you practice it by challenging each other or yourself.

Frequently Asked Question

It’s a speed checking test that is conducted on software linked with the Minecraft game. It is used to check the clicking power by using a mouse or keyboard.
Yes absolutely safer to use if you are using them within limits. These techniques are harder and need full training before use. Otherwise, it will cause serious health issues and also cause problems to your device.
Jitter clicking is not bad if done for a small period. But if proceed for a long time it can cause injury to fingers, arm and wrist. Experts recommend not to use jitter clicking for more than 30 seconds.
The number of clicks varies from person to person. Worldwide wide the normal clicks per second value is 8-10 clicks. Some people can click 12 times in a second.