Click Speed Test Challenge

Click speed test is performed to check the clock speed per second using a mouse or keyboard button. There are multiple click counter software available to check your click speed.

The click speed test can be conducted for different time intervals clicks per 1 second, clicks per 30 seconds, clicks per 100 seconds, or clicks per 60 seconds. These tests can be performed online or on different downloaded software.

How CST is important?

Your Click-per-second speed matters a lot in multiple tasks of life. When you are working in the office or you are playing games, precision in clicking is very important. Gamers know the real value of fast clicking.

Almost all games require clicks in their control and some require keyboard clicking. There are numerous click testers available online for checking the speed some of them click tester game, click tester for mouse, or click tester spacebar.

It all depends on you why you are evaluating yourself with a click tester. Sometimes people want to set click per the second record or sometimes they are challenging each other to beat their cps scores or sometimes they want to know what my cps are.

What is CPS and how does it work?

CPS is the click per the second score of an individual This means the number of clicks a person performs in a second using a mouse or keyboard is divided by the time taken for these clicks. That is how the CPS score is calculated.

What is CPS and how does it work?

Average cps speed can be calculated by conducting a cps speed test using a cps checker. These cps checkers have a cps timer and cps tracker which evaluate your test and calculate the scores. The CPS checker for Minecraft is linked with the Minecraft game and helps to check your clicking speed in gaming mode.

Working on a CPS checker is very simple and interesting. A person can proceed with the cps click test without any prior knowledge.

Some important steps in the CPS test are as follows

  • Open the home page of any CPS checker software
  • Check your mouse connectivity and all other things as to your comfort
  • Click on the start button on the screen and start clicking the mouse
  • You can see a timer on the screen, now click as many clicks as you can
  • After time finishes stop clicking and see your scores
  • Take it as a challenge and try it again to improve your scores and set the most clicks per second record CST hacks or cheat

People generate hacks for everything and sometimes these are disastrous and sometimes helpful. But the hack is a word that itself seems not satisfactory. In the CST scenario, click hacks are some positions or movements that you adopt to enhance per-second clicking.

There are four general techniques used for improved clicking and these are

  • Regular Clicking
  • Jitter Clicking
  • Butterfly Clicking
  • Drag Clicking

Regular Clicking

It’s normal clicking which we do in our routine working also known as slow or normal clicking. It requires no extraordinary speed or anything. You just click the mouse button at your normal speed without any hassle. Your cps during regular clicking will be between 4 to 6 clicks per second.

Jitter Clicking

What is jitter-clicking? This question surely comes to your mind with the name jitter. Don’t worry we will tell you about jitter clicking. It’s a little bit complex technique in which you keep your arm intact and keep the muscles firm. In this technique, you hold a jitter-click mouse and click the button as fast as you can with tightened muscles and a firm arm.

Jitter Clicking

Medically jitter clicking is not recommended for more than 30-35 seconds as it can cause serious damage to your arm muscles and bones. You may have to bear severe pain in your muscles.

Butterfly Clicking

It’s a faster technique than jitter but also more complex than jitter. It requires more knowledge and practice to perform it. By adopting this technique your CPS will be between 15-25.

Drag Clicking

It is on its fastest technique until now for the CPS clicker test and requires more power and sharpness to perform. A person can achieve a CPS from 25 to 100 depending on his skills. In this technique, you drag your finger on the mouse button from top to bottom and then from bottom to top and this will increase the number of clicks.

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