Drag Clicking- What Is It and How To Do It?

Drag clicking itself is an easy thing to do but one should have to be perfect at this technique. Keeping in view your requirements, I have gathered some informative content along with, my personal experience for you. With the help of this article, you will become a pro in drag-click with most of the mouse.

In this article, you will be able to learn from the beginning to the advanced techniques. You will get high achievement through click and drag in games like Minecraft and Clicker Heroes etc.  This is the ultimate guide towards drag clicking and how to drag click. So let’s get into this.

What is drag-clicking?

Well, it is basically what the name indicates, the dragging of your fingers on any mouse in a specified pattern intentionally and forcefully. It is a trick that allows you to register a high number of click cps during a gaming session.

What is drag-clicking?

How to Get Higher CPS with Drag Clicking?

It is very useful in increasing drag-clicking CPS (clicks per second). CPS can be an edge for you in a gaming session. It works on the rule of friction because when you drag-click cps the mouse button it will create friction between your finger and mouse. It creates vibration and the mouse catches this vibration and it registers more cps clicks than it normally reports.

One should know that this technique can’t be learned at once. You have to practice it more often to become an expert. You can perform a cps test drag click to improve cps clicks Furthermore there are detailed steps discussed below.

When you start drag-clicking on your mouse and the clicks get registered, it can be an advantage for you as the cps clicking is increasing. Your actions become quicker with clicking faster, you are attacking power increases and it goes on further. It will help build Minecraft CPS, frame your XP, etc.

How to do a drag click with any mouse?

There is a slight difference between tap clicking and drag clicking. Drag clicking needs more practice and hands-on try. For drag clicking, there are some pointers to note like the device, not every mouse is capable of drag clicking. Click mice usually have a smooth surface because it aids in dragging the finger.

For every clicking method, you should consider the mouse design along with the mouse cps price. If you are thinking about drag clicking- what it is and how to do it? Be relaxed we are now discussing how to do it.

Some of the steps that you need to follow for drag-clicking are given below:

  • The very first step is to check that your mouse and hands are clean and not wet at all. The wet hands are not going to slide over the mouse, same as the dirt on the mouse didn’t allow it to smoothly drag the mouse. Some main points need to keep in mind while cleaning the mouse. You can use Alcohol wipes, a microfiber cloth, and a soft small toothbrush. Wipe clean the surface of a mouse with an alcohol pad now clean it with a soft brush and get through the dirt present in the buttons. Now rub the alcohol again thoroughly onto the mouse. Now you just need to clean it with a clean cloth which has to be non-microbial. It has all been done for smooth grip and hygiene.
  • The next step for the drag-click test is to grasp your mouse according to your ease. It will be decided by your hand movement and positioning your hand. You have to Grip the mouse as your thumb will be on the side and your fingers are on the button at the top of the mouse cps. Now use your index finger and put it on the base button of the mouse. Now using the middle finger push the upper mouse button.
  • Now it’s time to drag click, for this purpose, you will press the button and snap your wrist in a descending direction. Make sure that you don’t press or push the button with much force instead you just need to slide your finger on the button of mouse drag.
  • Now you will be able to hear the gritting uproar. At this point, you will be sure that you are doing drag-clicking quite nicely. You will also feel the vibration in your hand.
  • There is a verifying step that you can use to make sure that your cps clicks are getting registered, you can use an online tool called “click counter”. It is free of cost and no need to download it. This step will tell you that you have learned drag-clicking favorably.
  • Following these easy steps and practicing them, again and again, will make you a pro drag clicker.

What are the advantages of drag-clicking?

It has contrasting edges in different games for example drag clicking can be useful in the clicking game where weapon positioning and armor are important factors. In Games like Minecraft, click games might not make any difference, but players are still doing it in these games too.

Drag Clicking- What Is It and How To Do It?

Drag Clicking- What Is It and How To Do It?

Drag clicking is not a trick but it’s an art you can learn with fun. It’s also very interesting to practice more often. When you start doing it you will be enjoying it. It also helps you to achieve more in games like Minecraft and other fight and idle games.

What is the fastest CPS ever? According to the world record, the high CPS rate is 14.1. So it is an important factor for players to register more CPS clicks.

One should know that CPS is not the only factor you need for the fastest clicking.

What are the Disadvantages of Drag Clicking?

Drag clicking is not the best idea for your mouse life it puts so much tension on the mouse buttons, it also stresses the bottom of the mouse with friction.

Drag-clicking according to some players is an illegal act. Because it’s a trick some gamers use to click higher results. So it might be not good for fair players.

In some games, players are not allowed to do tap dragging or clicking and banned the one who using this method.

So before starting drag-clicking in any game, you should check if it’s allowed or not, otherwise, you could face a ban.

What kind of mouse you can use for drag-clicking?

The mouse is the main device for drag-clicking. Your mouse will decide the CPS clicks while dragging the click. A good piece of the device can bear the strain of drag-clicking. You cannot just drag-clicking on any ordinary mouse or it will abdicate the life of your mouse. Your mouse should have smooth buttons to go with drag clicking and friction that it causes.

Now let me share some of the best choices of mice for drag clicking.

The first choice is of course the best mouse dragger ROCCAT KONE AIMO. This is the advanced genre of the mouse, it is very viral these days among Minecraft players.

The next one is a high-quality mouse KALIH it is a high-end product but also on the expensive side you can buy this one and use it as long as you can.

OMRON and OPTICALS are also good choices for new players. It is a smooth and easy-to-grip mouse.

How to boost your Drag Clicking?

You can use tape for drag-clicking with the mouse buttons. This will increase the friction of the mouse for drag-clicking. Cleaning your tape is not obligatory.

The first solution is ELECTRIC TAPE, it is non-expensive and easily available everywhere. The next one is RAZOR TAPE which is a bit on the pricey side. It is also effective in increasing your CPS clicks. You can buy this tape online and also at nearby stores. The next one is SILICON TAPE which is easily available and multipurpose tape.

It is also an inexpensive way of taping your mouse. It’s the best tape for drag-clicking. These tapes are capable of preventing your Mouse from much damage and increasing your mouse life span.

Frequently Asked Questions

In some games drag clicking is not allowed as it’s considered an illegal trick. It can ban a player who is drag-clicking.

It can put stress and strain on your mouse but a good mouse can survive drag-clicking.

Not really, not every mouse is capable of drag-clicking an ordinary mouse can also be used but it will shorten the life of that mouse.

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