How to Best Use a Trackball Mouse

So you are in search to find the best way to use the trackball mouse. Worries are over now because you are at the right place. Every time the situation is not the same, the same is the case with the mouse. You have to use the mouse according to its features and intent.

I have written down below an important guide for answering your question about “How to best use a trackball mouse”. I use a trackball mouse for gaming and use almost all strategies to get the best scores with my trackball mouse.

Below I am going to explain trackball mice, their mouse of use, and the proper use of trackball mouse. With the collaboration of my team, I have collected some authentic details including my personal experience. Without wasting time let’s start discussing “How to best use a trackball mouse”.

Trackball Mouse

A trackball mouse is an upside-down mouse, it has a socket that rotates in place and a mouse with a roller ball. It has a mouse ball in the center that controls the cursor. One can use it to direct the screen with the cursor.

It is different from the typical mouse, its functions are also not like a regular mouse. It’s a ball mouse for gaming & graphic designing with extra controls.

Best Use of Trackball Mouse

It is easy to use a normal mouse and we all are very familiar with its usage. But the mouse with the trackball on top is very precise and offers good control. Trackball mice are efficient and have more accessibility toward the cursor. It helps the graphic designers out there. It gives much control to them. The gamers are also very happy with its existence, it is good for them as well because the mouse trackball provides fluid consistent movement.

To best use the trackball, one should try different features and positions of the trackball. You can adjust the computer mouse trackball by connecting it to your personal computer and setting it according to your contentment. It is very good in repetitive injuries that occur in arms, as it engaged arm most of the arm muscles. A trackball mouse is a better option for many reasons few are going to be discussed in this article.

There are some tips and tricks to best use the mouse trackball. I have discussed them below. These steps will help you use the trackball more precisely and accurately. Let’s take a look at them.

How to Best Use a Trackball Mouse

Follow these simple extremities that help you to habituate your use of a trackball mouse for gaming.

1.) When you went to buy a mouse with the ball on top, you should try various positions and methods in the store. You will get to know about the two types of balls in the ball gaming mouse. One is a smaller ball that will remain under one finger and is ideal for daily use, it has good control. The other one is larger balls, these balls engage your whole hand mainly your fingers and palm of your hand. They are good for dual monitor setups.

2.) Practice is very important for the tracker ball mouse. When you connect your mouse to your computer, fix your eyes on the pointer on the computer screen. Roll your fingers on the ball, the pointer will start moving on the screen. Keep it moving up and down until you feel that you are becoming a professional trackball mouse user.

3.) A trackball mouse can be more tactful than a regular mouse. You can change the settings using the devices and the software. You can change the sensitivity to fully control your pointer.

4.) With a rolling ball mouse, you can change the magnification you can increase it in the computer. It will help you work more accurately and you will not face any inconvenience during games and designing.

5.) You should research different angles using a mouse rollerball. With these experiments, you can choose a button that will be perfect for your use. You should conclude which button is good for your right-click and left-click. You should decide which button you are going to use in other functions of the mouse. Various roller ball mice have unlike features from others and have different input options.

6.) Use your Trackball set for contrasting pieces of work. Like initially you should use it for gaming this will help you control the roller ball mouse. You can exercise it more often for a sense of good feeling. When you get used to it you can use it on other jobs as well. The trackball mouse is ideal for gaming.

Why trackball mouse is preferred

The structure of an ergonomic mouse ball is free-moving built. Its freely moving balls are resting on the rollers that can spin in any direction. When you move the ball the pointer will roll toward the spin.

Trackball mouse do not require more moments of your body as the traditional mouse may need. As you know there are different designs available in the market, you can handle it with a finger only it will let your hand take rest. Other fingers can be used to operate the buttons. It all depends on the design of the finger ball mouse you are using.

Why trackball mouse is preferred

The best feature of a trackball mouse is that it can be used in tight spaces as you do not need any place to roll or drag your mouse. The best ball mouse is a time-saving and space-saving device you can use anywhere anytime.

Winding up the answer to this question “How to best use a trackball mouse”. Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a trackball mouse.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Trackball Mouse

The traditional mouse and a trackball mouse are different from each other. Their functions and structure are entirely unlike each other. But they both have their various features with pros and cons. Moreover, the normal mouse is easy to use and also very handy as we are using it for too long whereas a mouse with a ball on top is efficient and more accurate. But it also has some advantages and disadvantages as compared to the regular mouse.

In the trackball mouse, there is the movement of the surface over sensors. It makes it handier because the used palm is very much involved in the best mouse trackball. It makes it easy to use, and palm movements are more comfortable whereas the regular mouse sensor moves over the surface.

The other advantage is that it has ball bearings in the center. It saves time as well as energy. The normal mouse has glider pads. But the bearing may need cleaning as it gets dirt more easily. The ball computer mouse may have some friction while using. It may cause hindrance in the movement.

“How to best use a trackball mouse”? It all depends on the designs and shapes available in the market. Trackball mouse have a classic layout of left, middle, and right click. It can be used for the repetitive strain energy issues like wrist pain and tendon pain. It is not the cure for these issues but you may feel better.

Let’s discuss it in detail below.

Repetitive strain and Trackball Mouse

Knowing that you are suffering from repetitive stress injuries it will cause you signs of nerve pain. You cannot use a regular mouse because it may cause you tingling and numbness. Might be fastened your shooting pain and weakness.

The best trackball mouse is ideal for such patients. It is not a cure for these issues but it could help you deal with them. It may not increase these issues due to the hourly use of the trackball mouse. Because operating a mouse cause all of the muscles to work on your arm from shoulder to hand. It may hurt you more if you are facing these issues and any hand injuries.

So it is very important to use a good and handy device. One should choose your mouse more precisely. Thumb-operated trackball mice are usually ideal if you are having these issues. Another mouse may contribute to Repetitive strain or stress issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

A trackball mouse has a ball bearing for movement. The size of the ball may determine your comfort level.

If you want to best use the Trackball mouse you should try different styles for it. It is new for regular mouse users so it may need some practice until you have your comfortable feeling.

The regular mouse is different from the trackball mouse as its surface moves over sensors whereas the normal mouse sensors move over the surface.

In repetitive stress issues, it may help you to minimize your pain and disturbance but it is not a cure for these issues like numbness and shooting pain.


To use the trackball mouse properly you should try and experience new methods. I tried my best to answer your question “How to Best Use a Trackball Mouse”. You will need a little more practice.

They are good for dual monitor setups. You can change the settings using the devices and the software. You can change the sensitivity to fully control your pointer. Use a Trackball for contrasting pieces of work. Like initially you should use it for gaming this will help you control the gaming mouse with the ball.

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